5 Most Popular Granite Countertop Shades​

By Moazzam Sameer In Blog

We love granite for its stunning appearance and naturally occurring variations that make each slab a unique piece of art. Granite is easy to clean and requires little maintenance, making it a popular choice among homeowners. Plus, the durability of natural stone is perfect for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, vanity tops, wall caps and more.

Absolute Black Granite

Absolute Black Granite is a natural Indian stone. This is a name with Jet Black Granite. This black granite is mostly famous for making high-end kitchen flooring, countertops, and wall cladding. It is one of the darkest shades of granite available. If you are after a unique, sleek, and reliable look, then absolute black granite is for you! This stone is best if you’re looking for a granite stone and don’t want to manage with the hassle of maintaining granite throughout the years.

This natural stone is much tougher than any other black granite as compared to other natural stones. It takes high gloss polish that lasts for decades. Black Granite is a suitable choice for countertops, flooring, bathroom vanities, and other applications.

Alaska White Granite

Alaska white granite has pale silver and white color with natural and frosty marked on it. Its natural color provides a nice light and modern feel. Its shine and durability make it perfect for multipurpose uses. Alaska granite is quarried and imported from Brazil and not commonly known as any other name. Alaska white granite mainly contains quartz feldspar. It has a very low water absorption capacity.

The striking look and appealing colors give you positive vibes whenever you look at it. Alaska white granite is also a good option for the stair casing and exterior flooring and wall cladding. Alaska granite is a popular choice for countertops and wall cladding purposes. This granite is popular among house owners for its striking looks and affordable price range. This granite is gaining trend day by day. 

Antique Brown Granite

Antique Brown Granite is a kind of brown granite mined in Brazil. Antique Brown Granite is a Brown colored block with a polished, leathered, or honed finish. It is a fairly reliable coffee-color stone with blue and platinum-color collecting. Antique Brown is a lovely stone, which in recent times has become very popular with customers.

It’s a strong granite in demand for kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities. Brown Antique is an attractive granite that is popular worldwide. It is a unique granite for countertops, vanity top, fireplace surround, flooring, or outdoor living space. Granite in broad is a very hard-wearing natural stone, so your Brown Antique granite will stand up to the wear and tear that it will face in any area. Considering these profits and the many others that the stone will offer you, Antique granite is surely one of the best natural stone options that you have for your house. Antique Brown Granite is suitable for both insides as well as outside use besides is frost resistant and with an unending polish.

Bhama Gold Granite

Bhama Gold Granite is a kind of golden yellow with light brown shades granite mined in India. Bhama Gold is an Indian granite that is lively and energetic. Today, Bhama Gold Granite is a highly demanding Granite from India. The Gold Granite stones are highly in demand in the market. For its excellent features such as long durability and top quality. This natural stone is getting popular worldwide.

It’s golden color with grey, black, and white veining makes it the picture-perfect stone for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, fireplace settings, and floorings. As long as you take good care of it. This lovely and tough natural stone will stay in fantastic form for many years to come. The magnificence of this stone and the strength it offers are just two of the many constructive qualities that it has. There are many vast reasons that house owners have this stone near the top of their order lists.

Gem Red Granite

Gem Red granite from India is a medium-grained, red granite of the Precambrian period with light to medium grey clear background crystals. Its flawless look is unbeatable. Red Granite is a great example of the natural beauty that stone can bring to your home. Adding this Granite into any space can drastically improve the appearance of that area.

It is one of those stones that not only complements your rich taste but also adds warmth to your living space, in style. Gem Red granite creates a warm and unique look for hallway flooring, master bathroom, wall cladding, and fireplace surrounds. You can also install this stone in other ways around the house, such as countertops. It has multipurpose uses in the building construction industry. Gem Red is a good choice for Countertops applications in the kitchen and bathroom, Dining Tabletops, Wall decoration, and other design Projects. This Granite is also popular for exterior applications.

As you search for countertop surface materials for your kitchen remodeling project, keep in mind that any granite used to fabricate countertops occurs naturally. This means that granite styles are subject to some variations in shade, coloration and pattern. The very best way to view and select granite countertop samples is in the lighting of your own home.

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