Interior Design

D’decos creates unique interiors that are both inspiring and special to each customer. Athar Nasir, our founder and Design Director, works closely with all of our clients, taking great care to identify and develop their aesthetic and lifestyle ambitions for their project.

Our interior design schemes are established in close collaboration with our in-house interior architecture, architectural design, lighting, and landscaping design teams to achieve a harmonic aesthetic that results in extraordinarily well executed, balanced, and beautifully finished homes.

Other Services

  • Architect Plan

    Architect plans are drawings drawn to scale that depict the interaction between rooms, spaces, and physical features as seen from above. They allow you to envision how people will move

  • Modular kitchens and Wardrobes

    When we talk of modular things they are with 100% precision. A new genre of Modular wardrobes/Kitchens