Dr Aaliya Dental Clinic, Nowgam

We at dDecos Interiors are pleased to exhibit our interior design work for the Nowgam-based Dr. Aaliya Dental Clinic. The professional and contemporary image of Dr. Aaliya’s dental clinic is reflected in the environment that our team of talented interior designers have developed.

  1. Design idea: The Dr. Aaliya Dental Clinic’s design idea is built on providing a calm and welcoming environment for clients while preserving a practical and effective workflow for dental personnel. Warm neutrals and calming blues were used in the colour scheme to create a tranquil and cosy atmosphere.
  2. Reception Area: The greeting room, which serves as patients’ initial point of contact, establishes the tone for the whole clinic. Our sleek, roomy welcome desk has a marble countertop, a curved oak panel with illuminated logo, and a big, welcoming appearance. Patients are given comfortable chairs and have access to a waiting room that was specially created with textured wall panels and gentle lighting.
  3. Treatment Spaces: The treatment rooms are created to give the dental professionals a relaxing and productive working space. Modern dental chairs, dental units, and other essential dental equipment are available in each treatment room. To create a sterile and pristine atmosphere, the colour scheme in the treatment rooms is maintained light and neutral. Dental treatments may be seen clearly because to the proper illumination, which also includes enough of storage for tools and materials.
  4. Room for Consultation: For private conversations between the dentist and the patients, a special consultation room is created to offer comfort and privacy. The space has a huge consulting desk, plush chairs, and a display for visual assistance. Warm hues and organic materials are used to create a warm and welcoming setting for patient visits.
  5. Area for Sterilization: Any dental office must have a sterilisation room, therefore we gave it the highest consideration in terms of cleanliness and use. A separate sink, sterilisation tools, and lots of space for dental supplies are all provided in the space. The right lighting and ventilation are used to provide a clean and secure working environment for the dental personnel.
  6. Staff Restroom and Lounge: The comfort and wellbeing of the dental staff depends on a well-designed staff lounge and restroom. We designed a cosy seating area for the living, a pantry, and a bathroom with contemporary fittings and finishes. The lounge gives the personnel a place to unwind and revitalise during breaks.

Conclusion: For Dr. Aaliya Dental Clinic, dDecos Interiors has successfully created an interior environment that is practical, beautiful, and friendly for both clients and employees. The design includes a modern colour scheme, sleek finishing, and a productive workflow. The finished design, in our opinion, will improve patients’ overall experiences and present Dr. Aaliya Dental Clinic in Nowgam in a favourable and expert light.