Dr Hilal – Ompora

The finished product of dDecos Interiors’ interior design project for the common area of Dr. Hilal’s house in Ompora is a useful, welcoming, and beautiful room that represents Dr. Hilal’s tastes and needs. The communal room now provides a cosy and warm setting for family get-togethers and socializing, increasing the overall mood of the apartment. The finished product has earned Dr. Hilal’s utmost satisfaction, and the common room has emerged as a distinctive aspect of his home.

The interior design firm dDecos Interiors is proud to announce the accomplishment of a project for the common area of Dr. Hilal’s home in Ompora. With a keen grasp of Dr. Hilal’s needs and preferences for the common space, the project was executed with painstaking attention to detail and creative design concepts.

1. The common room of Dr. Hilal’s home is used for family get-togethers, socializing, and unwinding. To create a practical, inviting, and aesthetically beautiful setting that would go well with the overall interior design of the home, the design idea was established in close cooperation with Dr. Hilal.

2. To create a unified and aesthetically pleasing common area, the interior design team at dDecos Interiors used their skills in space planning, colour coordination, and material selection. The design was thoughtfully developed to make the most use of the available space, maintain a seamless flow, and satisfy the area’s practical needs.

3. The colour scheme was selected to suit Dr. Hilal’s tastes and provide a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. To provide visual interest and to create a cosy ambiance, rich colour bursts were carefully used. Neutral colours were chosen as the foundation.

4. In order to complement the overall design motif and offer both comfort and practicality, furniture and fixtures were carefully chosen. A comfortable and welcoming sitting arrangement for family and visitors was meticulously created using plush seating choices, tables, and other furniture items. To ensure longevity and beauty, premium materials and finishes were used.

5. A key factor in improving the mood of the common space was lighting. The room was well-lit and cosy thanks to the use of accent, task, and ambient lighting. The use of smart lighting controls for convenience and flexibility was combined with the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting.

6. The ceiling design, wall coverings, and flooring were all carefully picked to blend in with the overall design idea. To guarantee endurance and simplicity of maintenance, strong, long-lasting materials were utilised.

7. The finishing touches of the common area design were carefully chosen accents, such artwork, carpets, and decorative items, which gave the room character and visual appeal. The common room of Dr. Hilal’s home was made special and welcoming by these components.