DSP Sajjad Bukhari – Humhama

DSP Sajjad Bukhari’s kitchen interior design project in Humhama, Srinagar, was successfully finished by dDecos Interiors. As a consequence, DSP Bukhari has a contemporary, practical, and visually beautiful kitchen that represents his sophisticated taste and way of life. The use of traditional Kashmiri patterns, materials, and workmanship gives the kitchen a particular local flavour by incorporating local culture and traditions. DSP Bukhari was blown away by the beautiful and practical kitchen that was made possible by the carefully selected colour palette, layout, cabinetry, worktops, lighting, appliances, and accessories. The finished kitchen is a tribute to dDecos Interiors’ skill in designing distinctive interiors that capture the desires and needs of the customer. DSP Bukhari and his family are happy with the outcome.

1. Project Description: DSP Sajjad Bukhari, a well-known policeman who lives in Humhama, asked dDecos Interiors to design and rebuild his kitchen. He wanted a contemporary, useful, and visually beautiful kitchen that would not only meet the demands of his family’s cooking but also showcase his sophisticated taste and way of life. In order to create a special and customised cooking environment, DSP Bukhari also wanted the design to reflect aspects of Kashmiri culture and craftsmanship.

2. Design Concept: The dDecos Interiors design team came up with a concept that centred on making a modern, practical kitchen with a nod to Kashmiri tradition. The idea was to create a harmonic fusion of practicality and beauty by fusing contemporary design aspects with traditional Kashmiri themes, textures, and materials.

3. Color palette: To create a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere, the kitchen’s colour palette was carefully selected. The palette featured warm, calming hues including beige, cream, and wood tones. Light beige paint was used on the walls, and wood-look tiles with a natural finish were used for the flooring, which added warmth and texture to the room.

4. Layout and Space design: For effective space design, the existing kitchen area was examined. According to DSP Bukhari’s specifications, the design team made sure that the layout offered enough storage space, countertop work surfaces, and functional zones, including cooking, cleaning, and storage facilities. To maximise utility and facilitate mobility in the kitchen, the placement of appliances, cabinets, and fixtures was carefully considered.

5. Cabinetry and Storage: To achieve the best possible storage and usefulness in the kitchen, premium cabinetry and storage options were carefully selected. To give plenty of storage space for pots, utensils and food items, sturdy cabinets created to order were fitted. The cabinets have handle-free doors and drawers for a simple, minimalist design. They were created to have a modern, sleek appearance. Soft-close mechanisms were included for increased comfort and toughness.

6. Countertops and Backsplash: The backsplash and countertops in the kitchen were chosen to be both aesthetically pleasing and utilitarian. The installation of quartz countertops in a light cream colour offers a sumptuous appearance, durability, and simplicity of maintenance. Traditional Kashmiri tiles with complex hand-painted designs were used for the backsplash, which added a sense of local flavour.

7. Lighting: The kitchen’s lighting was carefully considered in order to provide a well-lit and welcoming atmosphere. While task lighting was introduced for practical reasons above the cooking area and under the cabinets, LED lights were mounted in the ceiling to offer general illumination. A focal point and a touch of elegance were added to the kitchen by adding pendant lighting over the island countertop.

8. Equipment and fittings: To guarantee longevity, use, and aesthetic appeal in the kitchen, premium equipment and fittings were carefully chosen. For the convenience of DSP Bukhari, modern and energy-efficient equipment, such as a built-in oven, hob, range hood, refrigerator, and dishwasher, were installed. The washbasin and tap were chosen among fixtures with a sleek and contemporary style and a chrome finish.

9. Accessories and Decor: Carefully chosen accessories and decor pieces were added to the kitchen to complete the design. To provide a flavour of local culture and workmanship, traditional Kashmiri items like hand-painted dishes, bowls, and trays were included into the design. To improve the kitchen’s use and appearance, additional furnishings were chosen, including kitchenware, cutting boards, and decorative accents.