Jigar Complex

dDecos Interiors’ project for Jigar Complex in Srinagar, Kashmir, is an effective application of the design idea, producing a modern and contemporary setting that reflects the complex’s brand image. An inviting and lively atmosphere has been created at Jigar Complex as a consequence of careful consideration of space planning, materials, colour palette, bespoke fixtures and furniture, lighting design, branding, and graphics. The project serves as an example of dDecos Interiors’ skill in designing practical, aesthetically pleasing, and modern interior spaces.

1. Design Idea: The design idea for Jigar Complex was to provide a modern, contemporary area that represents the complex’s corporate image while also offering a welcoming setting for guests and renters. The complex was intended to provide a warm and lively atmosphere that improves the whole experience.

2. Space Planning and Layout: The complex’s space planning and layout were thoroughly thought out to maximise traffic flow and practicality. The design incorporated separate office spaces and commercial units in addition to communal spaces including lobbies, hallways, and waiting rooms. The arrangement of the lighting, furnishings, and other components was carefully designed to provide a unified and effective layout.

3. Material and colour scheme: Considering the complex’s commercial purpose, high-quality and long-lasting materials were used for the interior design. A blend of neutral tones, strong accents, and pops of colour were used to choose the colour scheme in order to create a contemporary and energetic ambiance. The materials and colours were selected to blend in with the overall design idea and represent Jigar Complex’s modern image.

4. Furniture & Fixtures built to Order: Specially built furniture and fixtures were created to meet the complex’s exact specifications. This featured furniture such as seating configurations and reception desks that was made to be practical, aesthetically pleasing, and consistent with the overall design idea. The fixtures and furnishings were created to give the complex a unified and contemporary appearance.

5. Lighting Design: Jigar Complex’s atmosphere and operation were greatly improved by the lighting design. A well-lit space that is welcoming and visually attractive was created using a blend of ambient, accent, and task lighting. In order to save energy and to create a contemporary, lively ambiance, LED lights were employed.

6. Branding and visuals: To represent Jigar Complex’s brand image, branding and graphics were included into the interior design. For visitors and renters, a unified and memorable experience was created using specially designed signs, logos, and other visuals. The logo components were thoughtfully positioned all throughout the complex to produce a unified and polished appearance.

7. Common Area Design: In order to create a warm and lively atmosphere, the design of common spaces including lobbies, hallways, and waiting rooms was carefully addressed. A visually pleasing setting that improves the entire experience of the complex was created using inviting seating configurations, chic lighting fixtures, and beautiful finishes.

8. Tenant Spaces: The Jigar Complex’s separate office spaces and commercial buildings were also part of the interior design. These areas were given specialised designs that took into account the needs and preferences of the occupants. The designers intended to produce practical and aesthetically pleasing rooms that reflect the complex’s modern image.

9. Working closely with the client, Jigar Complex, throughout the project to make sure the design matched their vision and requirements, dDecos Interiors managed the entire project, including procurement, installation, and coordination with vendors and contractors, ensuring timely delivery and high-quality execution.