Miss Ayesha, Nowgam

Overall, Miss Ayesha’s bedroom design by dDecos Interiors will be the ideal fusion of modern and traditional elements, producing a chic, practical, and hospitable place that represents her personality and preferences.

Design Concept: Miss Ayesha’s bedroom is intended to be a fashionable and practical environment that represents her tastes and personality. The overall design will be modern with a dash of elegance, fusing current design with vintage allure.

Color Scheme: To produce a visually appealing and well-balanced atmosphere, the colour scheme will combine bold and soft tones. The combination of subdued blush pink, soft greys, and touches of brass or gold will give the outfit a refined and feminine appearance.

Setup and furniture:

Bed: The focal point of the room will be a queen-sized bed with an elegant upholstered headboard. It will be placed up against the main wall, with aesthetically appealing cushions and bedding to give it a cosy and welcoming appearance.
Nightstands: Two identical nightstands will be positioned on either side of the bed, offering accessible storage for necessities and symmetry to the space. They will have clean lines and abundant storage.
Dresser: Against one of the walls, there will be a stylish, useful dresser with a big mirror that can be used as a vanity and as a place to store clothing and accessories. For seating and grooming, a chic stool or chair may be added.

Seating: In the corner of the room, there will be a cosy seating area with a plush armchair or accent chair, providing the ideal setting for unwinding, reading, or just taking a moment to yourself.
Desk: Miss Ayesha will have a separate office with a sleek, contemporary writing desk and a plush chair against one of the walls.
Walk-in closet or a sleek, roomy wardrobe with sliding doors will be created to offer plenty of storage space for clothing, shoes and accessories, keeping the area tidy and organised.


Accessories and D├ęcor:

Wall Art: To give the space individuality and visual appeal, stylish and elegant wall art, such as framed prints, canvas paintings, or wall decor, will be put in thoughtful locations on the walls.
Lighting: To create a cosy and welcoming ambiance, a blend of ambient, task, and accent lighting will be employed. This might include a floor lamp in the seating area, a floor lamp in the seating area, a pendant light or a chandelier over the bed, and a desk lamp for the workstation.
Soft furnishings will be employed to bring warmth, comfort, and texture to the space, resulting in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. These include plush area rugs, toss pillows, and drapes in complementary colors and patterns.
Mirror: A big, fashionable mirror mounted on the dresser or wardrobe will not only be useful, but also bring a sense of beauty and refinement to the space.
Accessories: To add personalized touches and improve the overall appearance of the area, carefully chosen accessories can be added, such as beautiful trays, flowers, and candles.