Miss Diya Wani – Srinagar

The finished outcome of dDecos Interiors’ interior design project for Miss Diya Wani’s gaming room is an aesthetically pleasing, practical, and immersive area that satisfies her passion for gaming. The gaming room now provides a separate area for gaming activities that makes playing games pleasurable and comfortable. The finished product has made Miss Diya Wani very happy, and she now enjoys spending time in her gaming area at home.

1. The interior design firm dDecos Interiors is proud to present the accomplishment of a project for Miss Diya Wani’s gaming area in her Srinagar home. In order to satisfy Miss Diya Wani’s enthusiasm for gaming and represent her particular taste and preferences, the gaming room was built to be a lively, dynamic, and immersive environment.

2. With careful consideration of Miss Diya Wani’s unique needs and preferences, the design idea for the gaming area was created. The objective was to design a gaming facility that not only offers the best possible gaming environment, but also functions as an aesthetically pleasing and cosy place to unwind.

3. To create a fun gaming experience, the interior design team at dDecos Interiors used a variety of design components. With the use of strong and brilliant colours on the walls and furnishings, the colour scheme was selected to create a young and energising atmosphere. The area was made more visually stimulating and exciting by the use of clashing colours and intriguing patterns.

4. The arrangement of the gaming area was carefully considered in order to make the most use of the available space. To improve the gaming experience and guarantee comfort during extended gaming sessions, ergonomic gaming seats, gaming consoles, and gaming accessories were positioned in strategic locations. Enough storage options were included to keep gaming equipment tidy and organised.

5. The correct atmosphere for the gaming area was created in large part thanks to the lighting. The atmosphere was well-lit and immersive thanks to the utilisation of accent, task, and ambient lighting. The utilisation of practical and ambiance-enhancing lighting, including LED strip lights, recessed lighting, and lamps with gaming themes, improved the whole gaming experience.

6. To make the space seem unique and aesthetically appealing, the walls were decorated with gaming-related artwork and decals. A special touch was added to the space by including customised wall shelves and display cabinets to display Miss Diya Wani’s gaming collection.

7. The flooring and wall coverings were carefully chosen to match the overall design idea, offer longevity, and be simple to maintain. The choice of top-notch materials ensured a relaxing and effective gaming atmosphere.

8. Gaming-themed d├ęcor elements, including as posters, carpets, and decor pieces, were incorporated as the room’s finishing touches to give it flair and character. These components combined to create a colourful and engaging gaming space that captures Miss Diya Wani’s love of games and her own sense of style.