Mr. Adil Mir – Karan Nagar

Mr Adil Mir’s washroom has been successfully changed by dDecos Interiors into a contemporary and useful area that represents his own taste and satisfies his particular needs. An efficient arrangement, careful material and finish choices, careful attention to detail, and thoughtful finishing touches have produced a bathroom that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful for daily use. Mr Mir is delighted with the outcome, and his bathroom has transformed into a lovely and useful retreat in his house.

1. Design idea: The goal of Mr Mir’s bathroom’s design idea was to create a modern, elegant place that combines beauty and utility. The objective was to incorporate features that represent Mr. Mir’s own style and way of life while striking a harmonic balance between form and function.

2. Layout & Space Optimization: dDecos Interiors carefully examined the current washroom layout and strategically changed it to make the most of the available space. With careful arrangement of fixtures and equipment to make the most of the limited space, the bathroom was designed to flow well. Customized cabinets and storage options were integrated into the design to ensure a clutter-free and organised washroom and to give enough of storage space for toiletries and other necessities.

3. Materials and Finishes: To improve the appearance and toughness of Mr Mir’s bathroom, only the finest materials and finishes were used. For the walls and floors, premium tiles with a contemporary, streamlined style that fit the overall design motif were selected. With high components and finishes, the vanity and storage cabinets were constructed to order and offer both usefulness and flair.

4. Fixtures & Fittings: To improve the washroom’s use and appearance, modern, effective fixtures and fittings were carefully selected. Storage space was placed in a chic wall-mounted vanity with a clean countertop and a modern basin. The bathroom also has a sophisticated shower area with a handheld shower and rain showerhead, a well-designed mirror with integrated lighting for both practicality and beauty, and a contemporary toilet with streamlined design and cutting-edge features.

5. Lighting and accessories: dDecos Interiors carefully considered the lighting, resulting in a bright and welcoming atmosphere in the bathroom. To improve the space’s use and aesthetics, ambient, task, and accent lighting were combined. An inviting ambiance was created by carefully placing LED lights to offer enough illumination. To compliment the entire style and improve the operation of the restroom, chic and useful bathroom basics like towel bars and soap dispensers were carefully selected.

6. Final touches: dDecos Interiors thoughtfully incorporated finishing touches to complete the interior design of Mr Mir’s bathroom. The installation of specialised window coverings to manage natural light and offer seclusion. Wall art, carpets, and plants, among other trendy and contemporary d├ęcor pieces, were carefully chosen to provide personality and warmth to the room and create a unified and welcoming atmosphere.