Mr. Aejaz – Rawalpora

dDecos Interiors finished the bathroom renovate for Mr Aejaz’s home in Rawalpora on schedule and under the designated spending limit. Mr Aejaz was very pleased with the renovation of his bathroom, which now had a contemporary and practical layout that suited the requirements of his family. Now that the loo has been refurbished, Mr Aejaz and his family may use it in luxury and comfort every day.

1. Design idea: The goal of the bathroom renovation’s design idea was to create a modern, opulent place that will be as efficient as possible while yet feeling elegant. In order to produce a functional and aesthetically pleasing lavatory, the design team concentrated on making the most use of the available space.

2. Layout: To make the most of the available floor space, the design team rearranged the small old bathroom. The new design had a dedicated area for a washing machine, a toilet, a vanity unit with lots of storage, and a separate shower enclosure.

3. Lighting: To create a cheery and welcoming atmosphere, the restroom’s lighting was improved. A backlit mirror was put above the vanity unit to improve the room’s utility and aesthetics, and LED downlights were inserted in the fake ceiling to give even lighting.

4. Storage was a top priority for Mr Aejaz, therefore the design team made sure the loo had plenty of storage options. A niche was made in the shower enclosure to hold shampoos and soaps within easy reach, and the vanity unit was specially constructed with drawers and shelves to store toiletries and other necessities.

5. Accessibility: The loo was designed to be usable by everyone, including people with disabilities and the elderly. To increase safety, grab bars were put up next to the toilet and in the shower enclosure, and the shower floor was made flush with the main flooring to prevent tripping risks.

6. Aesthetics: A modern and upscale aesthetic was used in the bathroom’s design. The vanity unit’s smooth quartz countertop and the marble tiles on the walls gave the space a hint of luxury, while the chrome-finished fittings gave it a contemporary appearance. A visually pleasing and well-coordinated design was produced by combining neutral colours with accent colours.