Mr Iftikhar Kundan – Khimber

A functional, hospitable, and aesthetically beautiful room that embodies Mr. Iftikhar Kundan’s taste and style is the result of the interior design project carried out by dDecos Interiors for Mr. Kundan’s property in Khimber. The communal room has been transformed into a cosy and welcome location for unwinding and socializing, improving the residence’s ambience as a whole. The common room has evolved into the centrepiece of Mr. Kundan’s home because of his overwhelming satisfaction with the finished product.

The common area of Mr. Iftikhar Kundan’s house in Khimber’s interior design project was successfully completed, and dDecos Interiors is proud to exhibit it. With great attention to every little detail, original design concepts, and a thorough comprehension of Mr. Kundan’s tastes and needs for the common space, the project was completed.

1. The common room of Mr. Kundan’s home is a place for family members and visitors to unwind, socialize, and have fun. In order to create a space that would represent Mr. Kundan’s taste and style while still being functional, the design idea was created in close consultation with him.

2. The dDecos Interiors interior design team used their knowledge of space planning, colour schemes, and material selection to produce a unified and aesthetically pleasing common area. The design was thoughtfully developed to make the most use of the space that was available and to satisfy the area’s practical needs.

3. The colour scheme was selected to match the home’s overall interior design motif and to honour Mr. Kundan’s tastes. A foundation of neutral colours was employed, and then little flashes of colour were added to offer warmth and aesthetic appeal.

4. In order to complement the overall design idea and offer comfort and practicality, furniture and fixtures were carefully chosen. A stylish sitting arrangement for family and visitors was created using chic seating options, tables, and other furniture components. Durability and beauty were guaranteed by the use of premium components and finishes.

5. The common area’s atmosphere was much improved by the lighting. The room was well-lit and cosy thanks to the use of accent, task, and ambient lighting. The use of smart lighting controls for convenience and flexibility was combined with the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting.

6. The flooring, wall coverings, and ceiling design were selected to blend in with the overall design motif. Given the functional needs of the common space, strong and simple-to-maintain materials were utilised.

7. The finishing touches of the common area design were carefully chosen accents, such artwork, carpets, and decorative items, which gave the room character and visual appeal. The common room of Mr. Kundan’s house was made special and welcoming by these components.