Mr Iftikhar Kundan – Khimber

The drawing room interior design project for Mr. Iftikhar Kundan’s home in Khimber was successful, producing a chic, beautiful, and practical environment that beyond the client’s expectations. The design idea was brought to life by the careful selection of colors, materials, furniture, lighting, and accessories, along with the attention to detail, and an opulent and welcoming place was made for Mr. Kundan and his visitors to enjoy.

1. Overview of the Project: Mr. Iftikhar Kundan asked dDecos Interiors to rebuild and restore the drawing room of his Khimber property. The drawing room was a crucial area where Mr. Kundan hosted family get-togethers, entertained guests, and enjoyed precious time with his loved ones. The customer wanted to design a sophisticated, opulent place that expressed his unique style and was both practical and pleasant.

2. Design idea: To give the drawing room an attractive and classic appearance, dDecos Interiors designed a design idea that blended modern and contemporary features. In order to ensure that the space satiated the client’s demands while also conveying an air of grandeur, the design team worked to strike a balance between aesthetics and utility.

3. Color Scheme and Materials: The drawing room’s colour scheme was carefully selected to evoke a feeling of cosiness and elegance. To create a posh atmosphere, rich and subdued hues like warm grays, deep blues, and soft creams were chosen. To provide a hint of richness, opulent materials like marble, bronze, and velvet were used in the design.

4. Decor & Layout: Comfort and aesthetics were priorities while choosing the furnishings for the design. To design a unified and aesthetically pleasing layout, furniture pieces that were both specially produced and purchased were combined. For the seating arrangement, plush velvet couches and armchairs with brass accents were selected to offer comfort and a hint of luxury. The centrepiece of the space was a statement coffee table with a marble top and brass legs. Specifically constructed cupboards and shelves were included into the design to offer plenty of storage space without detracting from the overall aesthetic.

5. Lighting: The drawing room’s ambience was much improved by the lighting scheme. The ambiance was made cosy and welcoming by using a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting. Recessed lighting and table lamps supplied practical lighting for various tasks, while decorative pendant lights and wall sconces with brass finishes brought a bit of glitz.

6. Decor and Accessories: DDecos Interiors meticulously selected decor and accessories that complemented the design idea to complete the aesthetic. To give the room visual appeal and personality, statement pieces of art, sumptuous carpets, and decorative cushions with rich textures and patterns were chosen. Additionally, to offer a unique touch and create a coordinated design, carefully picked decorations like brass vases, ornamental items, and books were put in key locations.