Mr Irshad War – Dubai

The drawing room that dDecos Interiors created for Mr. Irshad War is a gorgeous and opulent place that captures his sophisticated taste and lifestyle. Mr. War is delighted with the outcome, and the drawing room has now taken centre stage in his house as a place where he can host visitors, unwind, and take pleasure in leisurely moments in style and comfort.

1. The drawing room of Mr. Irshad War, a resident of Dubai, received interior design work from dDecos Interiors, recognised for their proficiency in constructing opulent and unique interiors. The project’s goals included making the drawing room a polished and exquisite setting that captures Mr. War’s sophisticated taste and way of life as well as producing a relaxing and enjoyable environment.

2. To accommodate Mr. War’s needs and tastes, the interior design idea was painstakingly created using a combination of modern and classic design elements. The drawing room’s arrangement was optimised to use the space and produce a unified flow. The placement of high-quality furniture, such as sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and side tables, was deliberate in order to create a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing seating arrangement.

3. The colour scheme was selected with care, using rich, subdued tones that complimented the overall design motif to provide a feeling of elegance and luxury. Customized wall treatments, including textured wallpapers or unusual painting methods, were employed to give the walls depth and personality, resulting in an eye-catching background for the furniture and accessories.

4. The atmosphere of the drawing room was significantly improved by the lighting. A layered and adaptable lighting design was made using a blend of ambient, task, and accent lighting. High-end chandeliers, wall sconces, floor lamps, and table lamps were chosen to lend a touch of glitz and refinement to the room while providing adequate lighting for various activities.

5. In order to give the drawing room interest, individuality, and a sense of uniqueness, carefully chosen accessories, such as artwork, mirrors, and decorative items, were added. Custom window coverings, such curtains or blinds, were chosen to regulate natural light, provide seclusion, and give the space a sense of elegance.