Mr Nihaal – Sopore

The finished bathroom interior design project for Mr Nihaal in Sopore, Kashmir, by dDecos Interiors produced a washroom that mixes contemporary design elements with traditional Kashmiri symbols, expressing the tranquil serenity of the area. The serene and functional washroom was constructed using a carefully selected colour scheme, practical layout, premium fixtures and fittings, considerate lighting, and attractive accessories to suit Mr. Nihaal’s preferences.

Project Description: Mr Nihaal, a resident of Sopore, Kashmir, asked dDecos Interiors to design and refurbish his bathroom. A combination of modern and traditional features, reflecting the calm beauty of Kashmir, was what he envisioned for his bathroom. Additionally, he desired that the lavatory be useful, effective, and simple to maintain.

Design Concept: The design team at dDecos Interiors created a concept that incorporated contemporary design components with traditional Kashmiri themes in consideration of Mr. Nihaal’s tastes and requirements. The idea was to design a lavatory that would be a tranquil haven that evoked Kashmir’s natural beauty while still offering effective and useful solutions for everyday usage.

Color scheme: The natural colours of Kashmir served as inspiration for the bathroom’s colour palette. Shades of blue, green, and beige were chosen because they are calming and suggestive of the area’s tranquil lakes, lush woods, and spectacular mountains. A peaceful and energising atmosphere was created in the loo by the light blue walls and the beige tiles with a slight green pattern on the ground.

Layout & Space Planning: For effective space planning, the existing restrooms underwent a thorough analysis. The arrangement has to provide for enough room for all the necessary fixtures and equipment, such as a toilet, sink and shower area.

Fixtures and Fittings: To ensure longevity and usefulness, high-quality fixtures and fittings were chosen for the lavatory. To conserve space and provide a streamlined appearance, a contemporary wall-mounted toilet with a concealed cistern was fitted. Along with a mirror and more wall-mounted storage to keep toiletries organized, a beautiful washbasin with a storage cabinet beneath was also included. For a deluxe bathing experience, the shower room was created with a glass divider and a rain showerhead.

Lighting: Carefully considered lighting was used to create a calm and welcoming atmosphere in the lavatory. While task lighting was put around the mirror for convenience, warm and soft LED lights were set in the ceiling to offer general illumination. To emphasise the architecture, accent lighting was also used.

Finishes and Materials: To improve the restroom’s appearance and use, the finishes and materials were carefully chosen. Waterproof paint was used to finish the walls, and tiles that are long-lasting and simple to maintain were used for the flooring. Natural stone was used for the washbasin countertop, lending it a touch of elegance and establishing a connection to Kashmir’s unspoiled landscape.

Accessories and Decor: Carefully selected accessories and decor items were added to the bathroom to complete the design. To include regional cultural features, traditional Kashmiri themes were incorporated into the interior, including a handcrafted rug, ornamental tiles, and artwork. To improve the washroom’s use and appearance, extras like towel holders, soap dispensers, and a plant were installed.