Mr Zaid – Hyderpora

For Mr. Zaid in Hyderpora, Srinagar, dDecos Interiors performed a bathroom interior design project that changed the area into a contemporary, useful, and aesthetically beautiful washroom with a hint of traditional Kashmiri design influences. Warm neutrals, earthy tones, premium fixtures, opulent finishes, and carefully selected furnishings produced a tranquil and welcoming atmosphere that reflected Mr. Zaid’s aesthetic and gave him a comfortable environment for his everyday activities.

1. Project Description: Mr Zaid approached dDecos Interiors with a request to remodel and refurbish his bathroom. He is a resident of Hyderpora, Srinagar. He desired a contemporary, useful, and visually beautiful bathroom that would be a reflection of his taste and offer a calm, pleasant area for his everyday activities.

2. Design Concept: The design team at dDecos Interiors came up with a concept after carefully taking into account Mr. Zaid’s requirements and preferences. It mixed contemporary components with traditional Kashmiri design influences. The idea was to design a bathroom that was spotless, elegant, and minimal while still being luxurious.

3. Warm neutrals and earthy tones were used to create the colour palette for the bathroom, which was inspired by Kashmir’s stunning natural surroundings. A light cream colour was used to paint the walls, and the flooring was beige marble that had delicate designs that were inspired by Kashmir. This colour scheme gave the loo a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

4. Space planning and layout were used to reorganise the existing restrooms in order to improve its design and use. The layout team made sure there was enough room for all the necessary fixtures and equipment, such as a toilet, sink, and shower area. The arrangement was created to be both easily accessible and provide for seclusion while also allowing for freedom of movement.

5. Fixtures & Fittings: The loo was furnished with premium fixtures and fittings that seamlessly fused aesthetics and practicality. To conserve space and improve the bathroom’s appearance, a sleek and contemporary wall-mounted toilet with a concealed cistern was fitted. Along with the addition of a mirror and plenty of storage drawers for keeping toiletries organized, a stylish washbasin with a marble surface was also installed. For a deluxe bathing experience, the shower room was created with a glass divider and a rainfall showerhead.

6. Lighting: The bathroom’s lighting was thoughtfully designed to provide a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Wall sconces were placed on each side of the mirror to offer task lighting, and recessed LED lights were installed in the ceiling to give brilliant, even illumination.

7. Finishes and Materials: The bathroom’s finishes and materials were carefully chosen to produce a unified and aesthetically pleasing area. The flooring was done in fine marble with elaborate patterns drawn from Kashmiri motifs, and the walls were painted with waterproof paint. The lavish marble used for the washbasin countertop gave the bathroom a sense of grandeur.

8. Accessories and Decor: Carefully selected accessories and decor pieces were added to complete the bathroom’s appearance. Above the washbasin, a beautiful mirror with a frame decorated with conventional Kashmiri designs was positioned, providing a touch of class and reflecting light to make the area look brighter. There were also a soap dispenser, a towel rack, and a rug with designs inspired by Kashmir.