Ms Diya Wani – Bagh e Mehtaab

Ms. Diya Wani’s kitchen has been completely refreshed by dDecos Interiors into a contemporary, useful, and aesthetically pleasing area. A kitchen that satisfies the client’s needs for usefulness, aesthetics, and longevity was produced thanks to an optimised layout, premium materials, bespoke cabinets, contemporary appliances, and chic fixtures. The kitchen is now the centre of attention at Ms. Diya Wani’s home in Bagh e Mehtaab and offers her a lovely and functional room for entertaining, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

1. Overview of the Project: Ms. Diya Wani, a resident in Bagh e Mehtaab’s affluent neighborhood, contacted dDecos Interiors about a kitchen interior design project. She desired to makeover her current kitchen into a practical and fashionable room that would represent her style and way of life. To create a modern and functional kitchen, the project required reworking the layout, choosing materials, colors, and finishes, as well as adding modern equipment.

2. Design idea: To satisfy Ms. Diya Wani’s needs, dDecos Interiors developed a design idea that combined practicality and beauty. The kitchen’s layout was centred on maximising storage space, streamlining workflow, and producing an aesthetically pleasing kitchen that would mix in with the home’s overall design.

3. Setup & Space Planning: The arrangement of the kitchen was changed to make it more practical. The arrangement was developed by the design team at dDecos Interiors after a thorough analysis of the available space, ensuring effective workflow and simple access to all kitchen sections. To reduce mobility and boost efficiency in the kitchen, the placement of the washbasin, hob and refrigerator was optimised as the work triangle.

4. Material Selection: Durability, use, and aesthetics were all carefully considered while choosing the materials. To ensure durability and maintenance-free operation, high-quality materials were used. The colour scheme was chosen to produce a unified and aesthetically pleasing appearance that matched the home’s entire interior design.

5. Cabinetry & Storage Options: To maximise kitchen storage space, custom cabinets were created. The placement of the cabinets, which include cookware, plates and utensils, was meticulously considered. To keep the kitchen organised and clutter-free, the design included a variety of storage options, including pull-out drawers, built-in organizers, and shelving.

6. Appliances and Fixtures: To improve the operation of the kitchen, modern, energy-efficient appliances were chosen and fitted. In order to choose appliances that suited Ms. Diya Wani’s needs and tastes, the design team at dDecos Interiors worked closely with her. To lend a touch of refinement to the kitchen, fashionable and useful fixtures were chosen, such as a sleek sink, a contemporary tap and attractive hardware.

7. Lighting: To make the kitchen bright and welcoming, thoughtful lighting was included into the design. Ambient lighting was employed to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere while task lighting was positioned above the counters and kitchen areas to give enough illumination for food preparation. The lighting fixtures were carefully chosen to go with the overall theme and to give the room a decorative touch.