Shahjee Complex, Munwar, Srinagar

The interior design project by dDecos Interiors for Shahjee Complex in Munwar, Srinagar is a successful implementation of the design concept, creating a contemporary and functional space that meets the needs of the commercial complex while providing a visually appealing and comfortable environment for visitors. The thoughtful consideration of space planning, materials, color palette, custom fixtures and furniture, lighting design, signage and graphics, common areas, and project management has resulted in an interior that reflects the complex’s overall image and enhances its aesthetic appeal. The project was successfully managed and delivered, creating a modern and sophisticated environment for Shahjee Complex in Munwar, Srinagar, Kashmir.

1. Design Idea: The Shahjee Complex in Munwar, Srinagar, was intended to be a modern, practical space that satisfies the demands of the commercial complex while offering a welcoming and eye-pleasing setting for tourists. The complex’s overall image was intended to be complemented and clients drawn in by the design’s contemporary and upscale atmosphere.

2. Planning and layout of the space: The complex’s practical and aesthetically pleasing characteristics were carefully considered while planning and laying out the area. The plan was created to offer effective circulation routes, sufficient lighting, and clearly defined zones for various uses, including offices, social rooms, and retail spaces. The complex’s layout was carefully planned to make the most of the available space and promote a smooth flow.

3. Material and colour scheme: High-quality, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing materials were used for the interior design. The colour scheme was selected to go with the overall design idea and provide a unified and aesthetically pleasant space. To create a balanced and harmonious atmosphere that improves the complex’s overall visual appeal, neutral and accent colours were used.

4. Furniture & Fixtures built to Order: Specially built furniture and fixtures were created to meet the complex’s exact specifications. This featured furnishings for communal areas, workstations for offices, seating configurations, and shop display units. The fixtures and furnishings have a contemporary, streamlined style that blends with the overall design idea while also delivering comfort and practicality.

5. Lighting Design: The lighting design was essential in boosting the complex’s aesthetic appeal and establishing a warm atmosphere for guests. To draw attention to important details, provide visual interest, and provide practical illumination, a blend of ambient, task, and accent lighting was employed. To ensure sustainability and financial viability, energy-efficient lighting systems were used.

6. Signage and graphics: To aid with navigation, branding, and informational purposes, personalized signage and graphics were included into the interior design. This resulted in a coordinated and aesthetically pleasing communication system that includes outside signage, directional signs, and graphics inside the complex. The graphics and signs were created to represent the complex’s identity and improve its overall aesthetic appeal.

7. Common Spaces and Amenities: Public spaces like lobbies, waiting rooms, and bathrooms are intended to make visitors feel at ease and welcome. Materials, furniture, lighting, and other components were chosen with care in order to provide consumers a comfortable and useful experience. To promote ease and comfort for guests, amenities including lounging areas, bathrooms, and drinking water facilities were put in key locations.

8. Project Management: To ensure prompt delivery and high-quality execution, dDecos Interiors supervised the whole project, including procurement, installation, and coordination with vendors and contractors. In order to make sure that the design complied with the complex’s vision and specifications, close communication with the customer was maintained throughout the project.