The Otherside Cafe, Srinagar

  1. Design Idea: The Otherside Cafe’s design idea was to create a contemporary, hip atmosphere that would appeal to a youthful, urban customer. The idea was to design a modern cafe with a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  2. Planning and Layout of Space: The existing space was examined and rearranged to maximise space use. With dining sections, bar counters, and lounge areas located in key locations, the layout was created to allow easy circulation for both customers and workers.
  3. Material and Color Scheme: To create a modern and fashionable interior, high-quality materials including wood, metal, concrete, and glass were employed. With only a few basic tones of grey, black, and white, the colour palette was limited to a minimum. Pops of colour were provided through furniture and décor.
  4. Furniture and Lighting: Contemporary and modern furnishings, such as inviting sofas, chic tables, and cosy seats, were chosen to enhance the overall design theme. Combining ambient, task, and accent lighting, pendant lights, wall sconces, and track lights were strategically positioned to create a warm and welcoming ambience.
  5. Wall paintings, elegant mirrors, contemporary carpets, and other décor items were chosen to improve the cafe’s overall appearance. To give the interior design a unified and branded appearance, customised graphics, signs, and branding components were also used.
  6. Customized elements: To fit the area and improve the overall appearance, shelving, sitting booths, and bar counters were all made to order. The interior design also included branded graphics, signs, and other components
  7. Technology Integration: To improve the consumer experience, sound systems, Wi-Fi access, and other technical components were combined.
  8. Project Management: To ensure that the project was finished on schedule and within the allocated budget, dDecos Interiors oversaw every aspect of it, including the installation, coordination with suppliers, and procurement.

Conclusion: The Otherside Cafe, created by dDecos Interiors, is a contemporary and stylish setting that complements the cafe’s brand identity and offers patrons a warm and welcoming atmosphere. For the cafe’s customers, the customised components, technological integration, and attention to detail in the material, color, furniture, lighting, and décor have produced a one-of-a-kind and individualised experience. The Otherside Cafe in Srinagar, Kashmir, received a high-quality interior design solution after the project was successfully completed with diligent project management.