Kulhaad Chai, Munwar, Srinagar

The interior design project carried out by dDecos Interiors for Kulhaad Chai in Munwar, Srinagar, represents a successful application of the design idea and results in a warm, unpretentious, and historically accurate setting that captures the spirit of Kashmiri tea traditions. A distinctive and attractive atmosphere for clients as well as practical and effective workspaces for the employees have been created as a consequence of careful consideration of space planning, materials, colour palette, bespoke fixtures and furniture, lighting design, branding, and sustainability. The project serves as a prime example of dDecos Interiors’ skill in designing meaningful interior environments that complement the client’s corporate identity and core values.

1. Design Idea: The idea behind Kulhaad Chai’s design was to provide a homely, inviting atmosphere that embodies the history and culture of Kashmiri tea traditions. While providing the workers with practical and effective places, the design intended to provide consumers a genuine and immersive experience.

2. Planning and layout of the room: The area was thoroughly considered and optimised for a productive workflow and best use of the available space. With designated areas for seating, brewing tea, and a service counter, the arrangement was created to provide a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. To give clients a seamless and easy experience, the movement flow was carefully examined.

3. Material and Color Scheme: Authentic and conventional materials reflecting Kashmir’s regional craftsmanship and cultural history were used in the interior design. The colour scheme, which combines warm tones, natural wood tones, and pops of brilliant colour inspired by Kashmiri art and craft, was chosen to create a cosy and earthy atmosphere. The materials and hues were selected to provide a unified and aesthetically pleasing environment that captures the spirit of Kashmiri tea tradition.

4. Furniture and Fixtures crafted to Order: Specially crafted furniture and fixtures were created to meet the tea shop’s exact specifications. This includes furniture such as benches, tea counters, bookcases, and other specially made fixtures that were intended to be practical, genuine, and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Lighting Design: Kulhaad Chai’s ideal ambience was greatly enhanced by the lighting design. The use of ambient, job, and accent lighting in combination with warm and soft lighting helped to create a warm and welcoming ambiance. To improve the overall aesthetics and cultural authenticity of the area, traditional Kashmiri lanterns and other local lighting fixtures were included into the design.

6. Branding and graphics: Custom-designed signage, wall graphics, and artwork that reflects the Kulhaad Chai brand identity were a key component of the interior design. Incorporating branding components into the design helped us promote the tea shop’s brand image while also giving consumers a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience.

7. Sustainability: By using eco-friendly materials, regional craftsmanship, and energy-efficient lighting fixtures, dDecos Interiors highlighted sustainability in the interior design. The objective was to develop a responsible and sustainable design that supports environmental awareness and is consistent with the tea shop’s ideals.

8. Project Management: To ensure prompt delivery and high-quality execution, dDecos Interiors supervised the whole project, including procurement, installation, and coordination with vendors and contractors. To make sure the design matched the client’s expectations and vision, Kulhaad Chai, close communication was maintained throughout the process.