Layers Saloon, Tral

We at dDecos Interiors are proud to offer our interior design work for the Tral-based Layers Salon. In order to give customers a relaxing and chic experience, our team of talented interior designers built a fashionable and modern salon area that represents Layers Salon’s brand identity.

  1. Design Idea: Layers Salon’s design idea aims to provide a contemporary, stylish environment that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. To create a salon environment that stands out and draws customers, we used a vibrant colour scheme, modern finishes, and distinctive design features. The layout is planned for efficiency and convenience by optimising the movement of customers and employees.
  2. Reception Area: First point of contact for clients is the welcome area, which we have designed to be warm and fashionable. The welcome desk’s design combines glossy and matte textures with a striking colour scheme that ties in with Layers Salon’s brand.
  3. Hair and Beauty Stations: The Layers Salon’s hair and beauty stations are the hub of the salon and are where customers go to receive services from the knowledgeable personnel. To provide the best visibility for hair and beauty treatments, we have built sleek and practical styling stations with contemporary seats, enough of storage for equipment and supplies, and well-lit mirrors. The stations are given a fashionable and modern appearance by the use of metallic accents and glossy finishes, which provide a sense of refinement.
  4. Nail Bar: A specialised nail bar is intended to give guests receiving manicures and pedicures a nice and soothing experience. The nail bar’s interior is furnished with plush chairs, tasteful lighting, and modern finishes. Shelves used to exhibit nail polish made to order give the room a glamorous touch.
  5. Treatment Spaces: For specialised services like facials, waxing, and other beauty treatments, private treatment rooms are created. To encourage guests to unwind and revitalize, each treatment room is decorated with soothing hues, delicate lighting, and cosy treatment beds.
  6. Retail Sector: The Layers Salon’s hair and beauty products are displayed in a special shop space. To make a shop environment that is well-organized and aesthetically pleasing, display shelves and storage units that are specifically constructed are used. To draw customers in and promote the merchandise, appropriate lighting and signs are offered.
  7. Service Area: For the convenience and well-being of the salon workers, a well-designed staff space is crucial. With a pantry, storage and a cosy resting space for the workers to unwind during breaks, we have developed a practical and fashionable staff room.

For Layers Salon in Tral, dDecos Interiors has effectively created a fashionable, modern, and useful interior environment. The salon has a striking colour scheme, modern finishes, and distinctive design elements that make it aesthetically appealing and welcoming for customers. The final design, in our opinion, will improve Layers Salon clients’ overall experiences and help the Tral salon succeed.