Markaz Cafe City Mall Srinagar

An significant interior design project for Markaz Cafe, located in City Mall in Srinagar, was just finished by dDecos Interiors, a famous interior design company. In order to meet the demands of urban clients while also including elements of the community’s history and tradition, the project included converting an existing location into a chic and welcoming café. The interior design work carried out by dDecos Interiors at Markaz Cafe, City Mall, Srinagar, is described in full below.

1. Design Idea: The Markaz Cafe’s design idea was to create a modern, urban atmosphere that would draw clients and provide them a relaxing, pleasurable experience. A distinctive and visually attractive interior was intended to be created by fusing contemporary features with regional influences.

2. Space Planning & Layout: To maximise space usage and establish several functional zones inside the café, the existing space was examined and rearranged. The arrangement was created to guarantee easy movement for both personnel and clients. To accommodate various consumer preferences, this included placing sitting configurations, such as tables and chairs, counters, and lounge spaces, strategically.

3. Material and Color Palette: Local materials were used into the material palette while also reflecting the cafe’s modern and urban aesthetic. A modern and attractive interior was made using high-quality materials including wood, metal, and glass. The use of neutral colours of grey, beige, and white kept the colour scheme open to the addition of colourful accents through furniture, accessories, and décor.

4. Furniture and Lighting: Careful consideration was given to the furniture choice so that consumers would have a relaxing and practical seating arrangement. Sleek seats, tables, and barstools were chosen as modern and fashionable furniture to go with the overall design theme. Ambient, task, and accent lighting are used in the lighting design. This includes wall sconces, pendant lights, etc.

5. Accessories and Décor: The accessories and décor were chosen to improve the cafe’s overall look. This incorporated wall art, ornamental mirrors, chic clocks, and other decorative accents that gave the room character and provided visual appeal.

6. Personalized components: To provide guests at Markaz Cafe a special and individualised experience, dDecos Interiors added a number of individualised components. This includes specially made furniture, such bar counters and sitting booths, which was made to fit the area and improve the look. To give the café a unified and branded appearance, customised graphics, signs, and branding components were also included into the interior design.

7. Sustainability and green design were included into the project by dDecos Interiors, who also used eco-friendly materials, energy-saving lighting, and water-conserving fixtures. To reduce energy use and provide a sustainable and ecologically conscious home, the design also took into account natural light and ventilation.

8. Project management: dDecos Interiors handled all aspect of the project, including sourcing, installation, and coordination with suppliers and contractors, from conception to completion. With painstaking attention to detail and strict quality control, the project was finished on schedule and within budget.

9. Conclusion: In summary, the interior design work done by dDecos Interiors for the Markaz Cafe in the City Mall in Srinagar produced a contemporary and welcoming atmosphere that captures the urban spirit of the cafe while also embracing local inspirations. A distinctive and eye-catching interior was developed with carefully chosen furniture, lighting, décor, and personalised features, giving visitors a relaxing and delightful experience.