Shahjee Carpet Showroom, Tangmarg

A successful application of the design idea was made with the interior design project carried out by dDecos Interiors for the Shahjee Carpet Showroom in Tangmarg, which produced an aesthetically pleasing and practical place for showcasing the magnificent handcrafted carpets. The careful planning of the interior’s layout, components, colour scheme, unique fixtures and displays, lighting design, branding and graphics, customer seating areas, and project management has produced a space that honours the brand’s history and craftsmanship while giving customers a relaxing and engaging shopping experience. The project was successfully handled and completed, giving Tangmarg, Kashmir, a unique and spectacular carpet shop.

1. Design Idea: The Shahjee Carpet Showroom in Tangmarg was designed with the idea of creating a visually appealing and practical place that displays the magnificent handcrafted carpets while giving consumers a relaxing and enjoyable shopping experience. The design idea was to incorporate conventional Kashmiri components and materials that reflected the long history of carpet weaving.

2. Planning and layout of the space: The room was examined and arranged to maximise carpet exhibition, designate places for various carpet varieties, and guarantee easy customer flow. The arrangement was created to give plenty of room for carpet display, client lounging places, and a reception desk, as well as a clear route for visitors to go throughout the showroom.

3. Material and Color Scheme: For the interior design, real materials that are frequently used in carpet weaving, such wood, wool, and natural stones, were chosen with attention. Warm earthy tones, rich accents, and delicate textures were used in the colour scheme selection to harmonise with the hues and patterns of the carpets, providing a beautiful stage for the items.

4. Custom-made Fixtures and Displays: To present the carpets in an aesthetically pleasing and organised way, custom-made fixtures and displays were created. This featured specialised carpet racks, hanging systems, and display units that allow clients to feel and touch the items easily while highlighting the distinctive qualities and complex intricacies of the carpets.

5. Lighting Design: The lighting design was extremely important in setting the correct mood and increasing the rugs’ aesthetic appeal. In order to create a cosy and welcoming ambiance, a combination of ambient lighting, accent lighting, and spotlighting was employed, with an emphasis on accentuating the hues, textures, and patterns of the carpets.

6. Branding and graphics: To create a unified and powerful brand experience, customised branding elements like as signs, graphics, and visual merchandising were included into the interior design. This entailed carefully placing branding components around the showroom to leave clients with a lasting image of the brand’s identity, heritage, and workmanship.

7. Customer Seating spaces: Cozy and comfortable seating spaces were created to provide clients a place to unwind, peruse carpet samples, and talk with the sales staff about their needs. To create a warm and inviting ambiance, the seating rooms were built with cosy seating configurations, gentle lighting, and eye-catching finishes.

8. Project Management: To ensure prompt delivery and high-quality execution, dDecos Interiors supervised the whole project, including procurement, installation, and coordination with vendors and contractors. To make sure the design complied with the brand’s vision and needs, close communication with the customer was maintained throughout the process.