Dr Hilal – Ompora

The finished interior design project for Dr. Hilal’s drawing room in Ompora by dDecos Interiors was successful in realising the goal of creating a contemporary and beautiful environment with a hint of warmth and comfort. A magnificent and practical drawing room that represents the homeowner’s tastes was created because to the carefully considered arrangement, carefully chosen furniture, smart lighting choices, and attention to detail in the accessories.

Overview of the project: Dr. Hilal’s Ompora home just had the drawing room’s interior design work finished by dDecos Interiors. The project’s goal was to design a contemporary and sophisticated room that represents the tastes and preferences of the homeowner while including both practical and aesthetically pleasing components.

1. Design Idea: The idea behind the drawing room’s design was to create a modern, upscale area with a hint of cosiness and warmth. Warm tones and gentle neutrals were used in the colour scheme to provide a cosy atmosphere. To achieve the ideal balance between use and beauty, the design team at dDecos Interiors combined historic and modern features.

2. Furniture and Layout: The drawing room’s furniture and layout were meticulously arranged to make the most of the space available and provide a useful and aesthetically pleasing arrangement. A gorgeous accent wall with textured wallpaper in a soft gold tone served as a focal point. A sleek and contemporary entertainment centre with storage for books and accessories, a huge flat-screen TV, and multimedia tools was put in place against this accent wall.

3. The drawing room’s furnishings was a blend of contemporary and historic elements. The main seating arrangement was a luxurious and comfortable sectional sofa in a light colour. A pair of chic accent chairs covered in opulent burgundy cloth completed the look.

4. Lighting and Accessories: The design of the drawing room was greatly influenced by lighting. To create a cosy and welcoming ambiance, the dDecos Interiors team used ambient, task, and accent lighting. In order to give a sense of drama and elegance to the room, a statement chandelier in a modern design was hanging over the coffee table. Recessed ceiling lights with dimmers were placed to offer soothing ambient lighting. Task illumination for reading and other activities was provided by wall sconces and table lights that were positioned in thoughtful locations.

5. To give the drawing room flair and charm, carefully picked accessories were used. On one of the walls, a giant statement mirror with an elaborate gold frame was installed, reflecting light and giving the room the appearance of being larger. The walls were decorated with chic art in modern frames, which gave the space colour and interest. To improve the room’s overall design, ornamental items like vases and candles, plush area rugs, and textured throw cushions were strategically placed.