Mr Izzat Khan – Pampore

Mr. Izzat Khan’s kitchen in Pampore, Srinagar, was given an exquisite and practical interior by dDecos Interiors, exceeding the client’s expectations. The kitchen now has a contemporary style mixed with traditional Kashmiri elements, giving Mr. Izzat Khan and his family a chic and practical room to prepare meals, eat, and make enduring memories.

1. Overview of the Project: Mr. Izzat Khan hired dDecos Interiors to design his kitchen into a practical and fashionable area that would meet his family’s culinary demands and represent their individual tastes. They considered the kitchen to be the heart of their house and wanted it to be a beautiful and functional area for preparing meals, entertaining guests, and socialising.

2. Design Idea: To represent the local culture, Mr. Izzat Khan’s kitchen was designed with a contemporary, streamlined appearance that also incorporated some traditional Kashmiri design elements. In order to make the kitchen area effective, aesthetically pleasant, and in line with the client’s tastes, the design team at dDecos Interiors concentrated on achieving a seamless combination of utility, aesthetics, and practicality.

3. Materials & Color palette: The kitchen’s colour palette was carefully chosen to provide a calming and welcoming ambiance. To create a cosy atmosphere, warm earth tones like beige, brown, and cream were employed. Pops of blue and green were then incorporated to highlight the breathtaking natural beauty of the surrounding Kashmiri terrain. For longevity and simple maintenance, high-quality materials were selected. The countertops were fashioned of sturdy granite in a neutral tone, while the cabinets were constructed from stylish laminates with a woodgrain effect. Hand-painted tiles with traditional Kashmiri designs were used to decorate the backsplash, bringing a little of regional creativity into the room.

4. Layout & Space Planning: The kitchen’s layout was modified to make the most of the space at hand and enhance kitchen flow. To create a practical and ergonomic kitchen, the design team at dDecos Interiors meticulously considered the location of key elements including the appliances, worktops, sink, and storage cabinets. To improve workflow and make cooking for Mr. Izzat Khan and his family simple, the kitchen was separated into many areas, including a cooking zone, a prep zone, and an eating zone.

5. Solutions for Storage: Mr. Izzat Khan’s kitchen needed lots of storage. Custom cabinets and drawers were created by dDecos Interiors to maximise storage capacity in order to satisfy this demand. To guarantee simple access to utensils, cookware and pantry items, the cabinets were fitted with pull-out shelves, trays and organisers. To prevent clutter in the main kitchen area, a separate pantry unit was also built to hold bulk foods and other kitchen necessities.

6. Lighting: Lighting was essential in improving the kitchen’s overall appearance and operation. To create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, a mix of task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting was employed. To provide sufficient task lighting for food preparation, LED strip lights were put beneath the cabinets and shelves, while pendant lights above the island and dining area offered a touch of class and aesthetic flair.

7. Finishing Touches: To give the kitchen the perfect finishing touch, dDecos Interiors carefully chose d├ęcor and accessories that fit the overall design theme. To give the room a local feel, ornamental dishes, traditional carpets, and artwork with Kashmiri themes were placed thoughtfully throughout. In order to give the kitchen a sense of nature and freshness, green indoor plants were also placed.