Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Chaat Srinagar

Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Chaat’s bathroom interior design project was successfully completed by dDecos Interiors in Srinagar, producing a lovely and useful environment that showcases his sophisticated taste and includes aspects of Kashmiri culture. The layout, fixtures, lighting, finishes, and materials—all meticulously chosen—came together to create a modern, opulent bathroom that satisfies Mr Chaat’s needs. Adding a distinct touch of regional culture and tradition makes the area genuinely remarkable. Mr. Chaat was pleased with the outcome since it meets both his utilitarian demands and his aesthetic preferences. The finished bathroom now serves as evidence of dDecos Interiors’ skill in developing distinctive interior spaces that go above and beyond clients’ expectations.

1. Project Description: Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Chaat, a resident of Srinagar, contacted dDecos Interiors to ask for help designing and renovating his bathroom. He was looking for a contemporary, useful, and aesthetically pleasing bathroom that would represent his sophisticated taste and offer a relaxing environment for his everyday requirements. To give his bathroom a distinctive and genuine feel, Mr Chaat also requested that Kashmiri culture and craftsmanship be included into the design.

2. Design Concept: The dDecos Interiors design team came up with a concept that centred on making a modern, opulent bathroom while subtly referencing Kashmiri history. The idea was to create a harmonic fusion of practicality and beauty by fusing contemporary design aspects with traditional Kashmiri themes, textures, and materials.

3. Color palette: To create a serene and welcoming atmosphere, the bathroom’s colour palette was carefully chosen. Grey, white, and wood tones in various hues were among the soft, subdued colours chosen. Light grey paint was used for the walls, and wood-look tiles with a natural finish were used for the flooring, which added warmth and texture to the room.

4. Layout and Space design: For effective space design, the existing restrooms were studied. According to Mr. Chaat’s specifications, the design team made sure the plan had enough room for all the necessary fixtures and fittings, such as a toilet, sink, shower area, and storage cabinets. The positioning of the fittings was carefully considered to provide for accessibility and ease of movement.

5. Fixtures & Fittings: To ensure longevity, use, and beauty, premium fixtures and fittings were carefully selected. To conserve space and provide a tidy and modern appearance, a wall-mounted toilet with a concealed cistern was fitted. The addition of a contemporary vanity unit with a countertop washbasin, lots of storage, and a big mirror, as well as a rainfall showerhead for an opulent showering experience, was made. To give the bathroom a little of contemporary and class, the fixtures were chosen with a chrome finish.

6. Lighting: The bathroom’s lighting was carefully considered in order to produce a well-lit and welcoming atmosphere. While task lighting was put around the mirror and vanity area for practical reasons, LED lights were mounted in the ceiling to offer general illumination.

7. Finishes and Materials: The bathroom’s finishes and materials were carefully selected to give it a unified, modern appearance. Light grey waterproof and maintenance-free paint was used to finish the walls, and natural-looking wood-look tiles were used for the flooring. With a contemporary design and high-quality wood construction, the vanity unit included a white quartz surface that offered both durability and elegance.

8. Accessories and Decor: Carefully chosen accessories and decor items were added to the bathroom to complete the design. adding a sense of regional craftsmanship and culture. To improve the washroom’s use and attractiveness, additional items including towel holders, soap dispensers, and ornamental accents were chosen.