Mr Zayeem Rajbagh

Overall, the finished exclusive bathroom design created by dDecos Interiors for Mr. Zayeem in Rajbagh, Srinagar, is a lavish and fashionable room that creates a tranquil and welcoming atmosphere. The bathroom is practical and aesthetically pleasing, meeting Mr. Zayeem’s demands and improving his daily routine thanks to the use of premium materials, contemporary fixtures, and exquisite design components.

1. Design Concept: Mr. Zayeem’s personal bathroom was designed to be an opulent, fashionable area that offers a peaceful, soothing experience. The goal was to create a washroom that was both practical and aesthetically pleasing by using premium materials, contemporary fixtures, and exquisite design features.

2. Warm tones and earthy colours are used in the colour scheme for the home bathroom to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The flooring is made of dark brown wood-look tiles, and the walls are painted a light beige tone, giving the room a warm and elegant feel.

3. Fixtures and arrangement
Vanity: A custom-made vanity with a beautiful wood finish and a marble tabletop was put in. The vanity has plenty of drawers and cupboards for storage, giving Mr Zayeem functional and fashionable alternatives for his toiletries and other bathroom necessities. The style was elevated with the addition of a brushed gold tap on a sleek and contemporary rectangular sink.

4. Toilet: A stylish and space-saving solution was chosen, a wall-mounted toilet with a concealed cistern. The toilet has a water-saving system that is effective and has a soft-close seat to ensure environmental friendliness.

5. Shower: For a deluxe bathing experience, a roomy walk-in shower with a floor-to-ceiling glass enclosure and a rain showerhead was constructed. Large-format porcelain tiles in a rich brown colour are used to tile the shower area, giving it a modern and eye-catching appearance.

6. The bathroom floor was tiled with premium wood-look porcelain tiles in a dark brown colour. The natural beauty and warmth of the tiles bring harmony and a welcoming feel to the room.

7. Lighting in the bathroom combines ambient lighting, vanity lighting, and a contemporary wall sconce over the mirror to provide appropriate illumination. For energy-efficiency and a modern aesthetic, LED lights were employed.

8. Mirror: A sizable rectangular mirror with a wooden frame was positioned over the vanity. It provides useful reflection and gives the bathroom design a warm touch. The mirror brings a sense of refinement and balance to the room’s d├ęcor as a whole.

9. Storage: The design included additional storage options such as a wall-mounted towel bar and an integrated shelf for storing towels and other bathroom necessities. The towel bar and shelf are constructed from the same type of wood as the vanity, giving the room a finished appearance.

10. Accessories: To complement the fixtures and give a sense of luxury to the bathroom design, carefully picked accessories in a brushed gold finish were chosen, including a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and other bathroom necessities.